Is it possible to test your service before purchase?

Yes quite. Simply make a code request via the button below to obtain a code allowing you to access our services.



You will need an internet connection (minimum, 4 mb / s) and a multimedia device  running Android (smartphone, tablet, Android box, mini PC, etc.) to enjoy our applications, or have a system on which to install Kodi (Windows, MAC, Linux, etc.); a SMART TV or a MAG decoder.


Are your services stable?

We make every effort to ensure a quality service, especially during busy times. Note that our servers are able today to manage, without any problem, the current load.


How to pay ?

We accept credit card payments MasterCard, Visa, Everything is done in an ultra secure way through our service provider. all these payments can be made via PAYPAL.


How long will I receive my access?

Generally, your accesses are sent to you, by email, in less than 48 hours. We also tell you how to take advantage of your IPTV subscription.


Can I use my IPTV subscription on multiple devices?

You can install your IPTV subscription on any device you want, but you can not view our services on two devices simultaneously with a single subscription


Can I cancel my subscription?

Unfortunately the codes are assigned to one person and we can not re-assign them. You will have to wait until the end of the subscription.




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